Metallak ATV Club

Colebrook, New Hampshire

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Membership meeting 6/13/12

Membership Meeting Minutes 6/13/12

Called to order 7:05 pm

Officers Present:

Craig Washburn

Meghan Sage


15 Members present

Treasurer’s Rpt:

Membership count: 110

Checking $7300.27

$660 from raffle tickets

Trail Administrator’s Rpt

GIA $62,000

Need to raise $23,000

State funds being used to remove trails

Tillotson Grant $20,000 will know in 2 weeks if we get funds-can’t be used until 9/2012

RTP-gas tax for OHRV use. Applied for 20K, will know in 2 weeks

Applied for 20k grant from Yamaha

Applied to Polaris for SxS work machine

Trail Master’s Rpt-Art Beauchemin

List of culverts needed has been made

Trail started on peak but halted due to the ground being too wet. Hoping to continue late july.

Railroad tracks removed up to Carney’s pit

6/21 CDDA Mtg regarding ATV access to town.

Work detail needed 6/24 & 6/30 to do cutting on Sugar Hill, Mud Pond Ridge and the Balsams. Meet @ 8am at Diamond Peaks Store.

OHRV Coalition Update-by Harry Brown

This Saturday meeting at Pittsburg Fire Dept. re: Ct Lake Headwaters 10am. All urged to attend.

SB250 Signed 5/23. Tentative ceremonial opening at Coleman State Park Mid August.

Trail from Pittsburg to Swift Diamond Riders being constructed.

Trail from Pittsburg to Colebrook had hit some glitches.

Next trail project: connect to Stratford and other trails within system.

Fundraising and Activities:

Need more local businesses to join/sell memberships

Raffle tickets are selling

Charter members are getting plaques

Hats and bandanas for sale with club logo



Sending email to members

Website is getting a lot of hits


Old Business:

CDDA Mtg 6/21 re: local businesses getting ATV’s to there businesses

NH Grand:

Featuring The Club and Lemieux Garage in July

NHPR story on club aired and available to view online

North Country Endurance Challenge 9/8/12. Each Club will man a transition point. $ raised will be available to each club. 4-5 volunteers needed.

New Business:

BOD meeting now 1st Thursday of each month.

Rails mtg: all present were for the idea-no problems with ATV’s

Harry gives the “need for involvement” speech encouraging everyone to volunteer-sell raffle tickets etc.

Mtg adjourned 8:05